Friday, July 14, 2006


Dear Diary,
I so hate my helper.

I mean, I was doing fine all along, then she has to come two months ago and ruin everything.

The scale was about to be my best friend, you know. Do you understand the pain I have to go through now? When your best friend suddenly becomes enemy. I felt like being stabbed on my chest. Crushed. Heart broken.

Why people, why? Why did you do this to me, Ris? I bought you lots of clothes, for God sake.

I'm so going to throw the scale out of the balcony, if it still says that I'm 3 kg fatter tonight.

OK, I admit. Me eating a lot has little to do with my helper. Eventhough she helps on the house chores, making me an even lazier bum, she didn't do the cooking. I did. I'm sorry, Ris. Yes, I know. I'm a weakling. I couldn't see food. I went all crazy and greedy.

Greedy Tini.
Gobble like a Piggy.
No wonder she's Fatty.

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