Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Dear Diary,
I would love to share the meal plan for Optimum results dieting with Herbalife:

First thing when you wake up in the morning: 1 tsp of Tea Mix + 1 mug of Hot Water
Breakfast: 3 scoops of F1 + 1 scoop of F3 + 400 ml Water
Right after the shake: 1 glass of Plain Water
In between meals: ½ - 1 tsp of Tea Mix + 400 ml Water

Drink A LOT of Plain Water

Lunch: As usual
In between meals: ½ - 1 tsp of Tea Mix + 400 ml Water

Drink A LOT of Plain Water

Dinner: 3 scoops of F1 + 1 scoop of F3 + 400 ml Water
Supper (if you are feeling too hungry): Hard boiled egg / Yogurt / Apple / Crackers (see the label) / Protein Bar


1) You need to drink a lot of water because F1 has a lot of fiber, and fiber used up a lot of water to burn the calories.

2) If you feel that your heart is burning, reduce intake of Tea Mix. This is because Tea Mix accelerates your metabolism rate, but accelerating metabolism too fast may not be suitable with your heart condition.

3) Due to the additional energy you’ll get with Tea Mix, do not drink your Tea Mix after dinner. You ended up staying awake on your bed. We need beauty sleep, people.

4) If you do not fancy the taste of your shake as per recommended above, you may put 200 ml of SoyMilk / Milk with 200 ml of Water. Make sure its low fat, low sugar, low calories. I do not recommend milk though, because milk is animal protein and contains saturated fat.

5) The general rule is that you can consume food only after 3 hours of Shake. But I do not want to be too rigid about it, because then you’ll give up too easily. I mean, that was what happened to us before eh? It’s OK to snack in between if you are feeling too hungry. Healthy snack please. Make sure the snack is not more than 150 calories

Insya Allah, we’ll be able to be healthy in six months. Looking beautiful and good is the bonus :-)

Monday, April 28, 2008


Dear Fattytini

Yes, I finally upgraded our template to XML!

Feel free to modify it, okay?


Dear Fattytini,

Isn't it nice to have group diet.. HOHOHO
I am much more motivated to diet hecause of you and Aini

Cheer up girls! You know you shouldn't whine about your weight, but isn't it good that we can whine about it with each other

(Err, my husband could not understand why I am on diet)

Tapi tabik spring la ada kakak kita tu bawa tea mix masa buat lunch treat last week :P

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Dear Fattytini,

After much nagging of Pn Fattytini, I finally had the chance to weigh myself on the digital healthy scale newly bought by her :)

Let me record this

Weight = 54.7 kg
Body Fat Range = 32.5% (Obese)
% Body Water Range = 49.4% (I should aim 50-55%)
Muscle Mass = 34.8
Physique Ratings = 5 (Standard)
BMR = 1130
Basal Metabollic Age = 36
Bone Mass = 2.1 (Should be 2.4 kg)
Visceral Fat = 4 (Excellent)

My husband's personal wellness card

Weight = 65.3 kg
Body Fat Range = 19.4% (Healthy)
% Body Water Range = 59.0%
Muscle Mass = 49.9
Physique Ratings = 5 (Standard)
BMR = 1469
Basal Metabollic Age = 28 (Adui, ni tak best ni!)
Bone Mass = 2.7 (Should be 3.29 kg)
Visceral Fat = 8 (Healthy)

I want to be beautiful & super gorgeous!

Come HL, lets do it!

Determination + HL = Gorgeous body (hopefully!)

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Dear Fattytini

You know the yummylicious Big Apple donuts?

The mouth watering ones

The soft fluffy ones...

I bought those and crumbled my resolution of not eating those

And I ate those chocolates ones :p. Argh!


Dear Diary,
A lot of people asked me, what's Basal Metabolic Rate? So I said, BMR simply is the calories that you need while you're sleeping. Then they asked me again, so what's the ideal BMR? Because the fact that we have ideal weight, ideal metabolic age, ideal visceral fat bla bla bla, people think we should have ideal BMR as well.

Well, I believe there is no such thing as ideal BMR. Why should we bother about BMR then? BMR tells you a different story than the other measurements. We need to know about our body BMR because BMR sets the minimum calorie intakes that you should consume in a day.

Let takes me as an example. My BMR is 1400+, so I need to eat food at a minimum of 1400+. If I don't take enough calories, then I'll lose lean muscle rather than body fat. Since body fat burns less calories than muscle, I ended up with more body fat stored in my body.

While it is true that to reduce weight you need to reduce calorie intakes, you can't be too rigid to yourself, going for crash diet thinking you're doing any good to yourself, because you don't. Crash diet is not healthy, will never work and make you even more fat and depressed.

Therefore, if I go for any diet plan, my calorie intake must at least 1400+ calories a day. Else, I'll just yo-yo-ing and that would be such a waste of time and energy.

In a nutshell, diet wisely.

Monday, April 21, 2008


Dear Diary,
Going to the night market is not a good idea while dieting. I ended up buying 4 pieces of barbecued chicken wing, which I gobbled in a split second upon reaching home. In fact, I couldn't refrain myself but to start attacking a piece of those yummy chicken wing in the car.

Oh to think that I ate 4 pieces of chocolate cake with creamy butter icing in the afternoon... and now chickens. So unthinkable!


Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Dear Fattytini,

Yes, what do you think? Do you think I lose weight when I was hospitalised?
Dang, you know that hospitals provide full set of breakfast, lunch, tea & dinner?
And I was anticipating every meal, since I think it's yummy-licious indeed [even though with green leafy and such]
They do have cream of mushroom soup, ikan bakar with asam (slurp*), ayam paprik, anything
The menu varies everyday, but you get to choose within four menus given
I don't think I can even remember when was the last time I had proper eating behaviour
Skip dinner - always!
I only snack with biscuits or such

Now, with HL, I'm trying to lose my weight, I should be determined!

My aunt told me something, some du'a to be read. The du'a is appropriate for someone who has serious illness, but I think for our quest to lose weight, we can try it

Panduan Menyembuhkan Penyakit

Ini pula panduan untuk menyembuhkan penyakit-penyakit seperti penyakit jantung, kencing manis, darah tinggi dll..

1. Baca doa sebelum makan :-
Bismillahilladzi at'a'mana wasaqana waja'a'lana muslimin. Maksud doa ini ialah : 'Dengan nama Allah yang memberi kami makan dan kami minum dan menjadikan kami orang Islam'.

2. Baca doa maathur yang berikut :-
Bismillahilladzi layadhurru ma'a'smihi syaiun fil ardhi wala fissama'i wahuassami'u'l a'lim. Maksud doa ini ialah :- 'Dengan nama Allah yang tiada memberi mudharat selagi bersama dengan namaNya segala sesuatu yang di bumi dan tidak yang di langit dan Dia Maha Mendengar lagi Maha Mengetahui'.

3. Baca doa berikut sebanyak 3 kali :-
Wayazidkum quwwatan ila quwwatikum wala tatawallau mujrimin (petikan ayat 52 surah Hud). Maksud ayat ini ialah :- 'Dan Dia menambahkan kekuatan kepada kekuatanmu dan janganlah kamu berpaling dengan berbuat dosa'.

Amalkan panduan ini setiap kali sebelum makan.

(Panduan ini diperolehi oleh anak sulong kami daripada salah seorang ustaz di tempat kerjanya, khas untuk ayahnya yang ada masalah jantung).

Yes, I recite the du'a everytime now, insya Allah, will try my best to be consistent, and will try my best to achieve ideal weight


Dear Diary,
I have good news, oh my little pink diary with pictures of cupcakes all over the place. Which is so NOT with the objective of your existence in the world. I mean, cupcakes on a weight management journal? Get real. Don't that make you want to eat more? Make me wonder if I should ditch you.

Hello? I'm the only thing that will keep you on track? It's not my fault that I have cupcakes everywhere because I have no say of how I shall look like, and even if I do have cupcakes, you should have more determination not to fall into temptation. I've knew it. This is so you. Put the blame on me and everything.

Oh whatever. You and your drama, so emotional. Back to me please because I'm the main character here?

You know that I have always love wearing jackets, because jackets make me look executive-y. Even though my brain may not think like an executive, but at least my fashion should say so. I have jackets of all colour, black, brown, beige, blue, and of many shapes. I even put my favorite long black jacket as the performance indicator to measure the successfulness of my pursuit.

But I have never been able to button the jackets. No thanks to my big butt, because they'll look like big round basketball; that will bounce happily when you dribble them on the ground; scramped tightly with a clothe. The visual is so unacceptable-y ugly that your eyes go blind. Give me no option but to unbutton the jacket all the time, which is not very neat, and make me look less executive-y.

This morning, I put on my brown jacket. As I stood there in front of the mirror, I tried to button, just in case you know. Then I was like, oh my god! look at that woman in the mirror. She button her jacket,and she doesn't look so bad. In fact, she looks great!

That woman stares back at me, smiling like an idiot.

Teeheehe. I love the new me.

Monday, April 14, 2008


Dear Fattytini,

I am writing this in case I forgot that I am on diet. I actually watched what I ate for a week and managed to lose 1 kg before you came and take my measurement.

So here goes;

Weight = 52.7 kg
Body Fat Range = 33.9% (Obese ok?)
% Body Water Range = 48.4 %
Muscle Mass = 32.9
Physique Rating = 5 (Standard)
BMR = 1076
Basal Metabolic Age = 38
Bone Mass = 1.9
Visceral Fat = 4 (Excellent)

By 31st December 2008, I want to weigh 43 kg

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Dear Diary,
My statistic today, after a month consuming Herbalife and changing eating habit:

Weight = 78.7 kg
Body Fat Range = 41.6% (Obese)
Body Water Range = 42.8%
Muscle Mass = 43.1
Physique Ratings = 3 (Solidly Built)
BMR = 1458
Basal Metabolic Age = 54
Bone Mass = 2.9
Visceral Fat = 8 (Healthy)
Well, maybe I have not lose that much kg, but I am not dissappointed because one, it is not healthy to lose weight too rapidly; two, it is really hard for short-circuited-woman-who-had-gone-through-two-labors to lose even a kg in a month; three, I am building up muscle :-)

Progress as follows:

Lose weight = 1.6 kg
Lose Body Fat = 1.7%
Increase Body Water = 1.3%
Increase Muscle Mass = 0.3 kg
Increase Bone Mass = 0.1
Lose Visceral Fat = 1
Weehee! My visceral fat reading, which is the bad bad fat surrounding vital organs such as heart, liver, kidneys, the one that make people get heart attack, diabetes etc and go capoot without any warning, has surpassed to being healthy. True, it's borderline to bad, but still :-D

My biggest achievement so far though, is that, my husband who is known for his stringent dresscode on his dear wife, had been agreeable to every dress-up since last Monday, and did not ask me to wear a jacket to cover my back anymore.


Thursday, April 10, 2008


Dear Diary,
As you may have notice, I've made some changes on you. Nothing much, just a splash of green to make you look a bit environmental-friendly.

Yup. That's Herbalife logo. I know you're a bit upset because you have always love Greenpeace, and therefore would prefer a Greenpeace sign but Herbalife is not bad you know. It too has a mission to save life.

Oh by the way, I am giving away Herbalife Shaker Cup and a bar of chocolate peanut Protein Bar (yummy!) for every purchase of Herbalife Starter Pack at RM346.00.

From left: Measuring spoon, Shaker Cup, Tea Mix, Formula 1, Chocolate Peanut Protein Bar, Formula 3

Herbalife Starter Pack contains Formula 1 (nutritiuous food that contains 55 nutrients and 18 asid amino), Formula 3 (soy & whey powder protein), Tea Mix 50g (refreshing drink) and a measuring scoop. Formula 1 comes with 5 flavors to choose - French Vanilla, Dutch Chocolate (my favorite!), Strawberry, Cappucino & Tropical Fruits.

It is all plant-based, so rest assured that Herbalife is Halalan Toyyiba. It is NOT a drug and everybody living under the sun (oh even babies in your tummy) can consume the product safe and sound, Insya Allah. It helps to assist:

People who wishes to reduce weight
People who wishes to gain weight
People who wants to look stunning for special occassion
People who wants a healthy body and illness-free
People who are concerns about kid's eating junkfood

My apology as I do not have ample time to write more about the product, but you can always check out Herbalife Website for more information.

Or, you can simply email me at, or pick up that phone and dial 0133424686 for more personal touch. No sexual harrassment please.

Monday, April 07, 2008


Dear Diary,
Know your enemy diet:
People at Work
Best friends
Most beloved

These are the people who are most likely to sabotage your diet. Like for example, my husband called me this afternoon to ask if I would like to go for lunch. As a good wife ehem, I said OK!, thinking that I have strong determination and wouldn't fall for temptation.

Hah! Strong determination my foot.

The minute my eyes set on the fried chicken coated with flour, deep fried in hot bubbling oil, full of cholesterol and saturated fat, I was like, oh damn that chicken. You look so tasty and all. I couldn't not have you. My leg went wobbley, and my determination graph went down to zero.

And then, there's always a party at office. Party this, party that. And during meetings, they served you with karipap, all the kuih muih with hidden agendas to make you fat without you knowing and teh tarik kow.

Oh dear. Why life have to be so complicated.

I am so going to take Herbalife for dinner tonight :-p

Saturday, April 05, 2008


Dear Diary,
Next in the equation, is to set a target. Just like any performance indicator, the target must be specific, measurable, realistic and attainable. If it is too optimistic, the probability of me, who is obviously lacking of self discipline and perseverence, getting frustrated and flopped midway is like, 100%. It's OK to start small, and keep on revising the target if it gets too easy to achieve. Furthermore, losing weight too fast is horrendous to your health.

On that note, this is my favorite jacket. The last time I can button the jacket was like, four years ago. It get stuck at my butt. Boohoo. So pathethic.

Anyway, this time I'm telling myself that by the end of June this year, I am going to wear that jacket, buttoned all the way. And, by the end of this year, I am going to lose 10 kg.

Wish me luck!

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