Monday, April 02, 2007


Dear Diary,
Long time no see eh?

Well, should you ask, yes I am still fat. Never been fatter. Fat like a fat woman should be. Fat, fatter, fattest. And to further emphasize on that point, I actually gain 3 kilos from the last time I wrote.


I am not going to let my body rule me. Before I got myself heart complication, high blood pressure, diabetes and many more obese-related disease, I better change my lifestyle.

By 1 January 2008, I shall weight 65 kg.

i. Healthy eating
ii. Exercizing

i. Healthy eating
- No matter how much I hate green leaves, I have to eat them.
- Eat a lot of fruits, especially fruits that assist in weight management, e.g. apples, grapefruits, oranges.
- Reduce intakes of fried chicken, which is such a battle as FC is my favorite.
- Drink a lot of plain water.
- Take everything low fat, like low fat milk, low fat yogurt.

ii. Exercizing
- Don't be a lazy bum, use the stairs
- Walk to and fro the office
- Aerobic at least two times a week

Wish me luck!

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