Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tips for Sahur.

1. Eat your food while its hot.
Motive? Easier digestion of food, and stimulates release of digestion enzymes.

2. Eat in considerable meal size.
Not too much, yet not too little. Sahur is as important as a breakfast; it should provide enough energy for the whole day. Try to take balanced nutrition, with sufficient protein to control sugar level in blood. Take your own sweet time, and eat slowly, because even though our brain is supposed to be "the super organ" and do all the thinking in such amazing way, apparently when it comes to thinking that you are already full and have eaten enough, they are not quite competent :-p

3. Eat vegetables & fruits.
Vegetables and fruits are, undoubtly, good source of vitamins and minerals, which are important to maintain body resistence and fitness. High in fibre, vegetables and fruits help your stomach feel full much longer. It is recommended to take vegetables and fruits high in Vitamin A, B, C and E.

4. Got milk?
Be reminded to complete your meal with a glass of milk, so that your body gets complete nutrition that it needs for a whole-day activities. Also, calcium and protein content in milk helps to reduce weight. Always look for low-fat milk whenever you do your shopping.

5. Ditch your cup of coffee.
Coffee is diuretic, which makes you want to wee wee more than often, and causes you to "lose water". Therefore, it is not recommended to have your hot cup of coffee for Sahur.

6. Reduce salt in your food.
It does make sense to say NO to salty food, as the move is beneficial to your general wellbeing, and most importantly, salt makes you feel thirsty. A big NO NO during fasting.

I love taking dates for Sahur. Or maybe a packet of high fibre low calorie vegetarian wheat biscuit. Another meal ideas for Sahur such as banana smoothie (yummy!), cereal with slices of dates or banana, or perhaps Wholemeal Tuna Sandwich. And, I always finish up my Sahur with a glass of hot milk. Very satisfying :-)

Monday, September 08, 2008


Dear Diary,
Alhamdulillah, all praises to Allah. For fasting is indeed the best solution to weight gain :-)

A day before the fasting month, my weight standing at 74 kg plus. Yes, I actually gain weight since my Bangkok trip for I have stopped my Herbalife regime, and ate a lot during a three-day balik kampung trip for my BIL wedding reception in Kelantan, and not to mention lots of good food during our house warming party just two days before Ramadhan :-)

Believe it or not, the results on my report card after 8 days of fasting as follows:

Weight = 71.7 kg
Body Fat Range = 36.6% (Obese)
Body Water Range = 46.4%
Muscle Mass = 42.6
Physique Ratings = 2 (Obese)
BMR = 1408
Basal Metabolic Age = 46
Bone Mass = 2.8
Visceral Fat = 7

So gang, let takes this opportunity to lose some weight, for a gorgeous you on the morning of Eid and be the talk of your kampung :lol:

If I can do it, so can you. The rule is so simple, just DON'T food binging during breaking fast!

p/s: I know! I promised you the tips for sahur and breaking fast. Insya Allah, coming up :-)

Friday, September 05, 2008


Dear Diary,
Alhamdulillah, all praises to Allah and Allah alone, for the holy month of Ramadhan is here again. It is the month of barakah, and we should grab the opportunity to doubled our ibadah.

Not only that, Ramadhan is also a good month for dieters like us :grin:

Last year, I managed to lose 3 kgs during the fasting month, but unfortunately for me though, I gained back the kilos in just 7 days of celebrating Eid. Sad, isn't it? I believe A WHOLE LOT of us have been there, done that :-p

Hopefully ya, gang of dieters, this year we will be even more determined to lose more weight during the fasting month, and MAINTAIN our going-to-be-slimmer figure.

I'm off for Subuh prayer now. Insya Allah, when I have the time, I'll share the tips for Sahur and breaking fast during the fasting month.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

My meal plan during Ramadhan

Dear Fattytini going to be Slimmertini,

Thank you for saying such a nice compliment last weekend! I feel that my stomach has improved a lot eventhough I gained back 2 kg during UAT last month (Bad me!). And for being depressed about it, you have to monitor my intake for lunch & dinner. For this, I am really grateful that you do not waver during my SMS outburst, where I got in panic mode when I gained my 2 kg!

Alhamdulilah, I shed off 1 kg back. And this one lady complimented me looking slimmer (I improved a lot at the stomach area) just this afternoon.

I have to take 3 meals as usual, since my baby still lactate with me.

Here is my meal plan during Ramadhan;

1. Drink 300 ml of plain water + Teamix
2. Drink 200 ml of plain water + F1 Cappucino
3. Eat 5 dates
4. Drink a glass of milk with one table spoon of honey
5. Drink 300 ml of plain water + Teamix + 2 tablets Nature's Biotic from Cosway

Breaking fast:
Take my meal as usual

In between breaking fast and beauty sleep:
Drink lots of plain water

10 p.m.:
1. Drink 300 ml of plain water
2. Eat 5 dates
3. Drink a glass of milk
4. Drink 300 ml of plain water + 2 tablets Nature's Biotic + 1 tablet Colo-Cleanse (also from Cosway)

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

My not so success story with A

Dear Fattytini,

Okay, I know that I'm being cynical. But how could I not be one when I spent hundreds and instead of losing weight, you gain some?

I'm depressed, and all these while, when I was consuming A, my peer group kept on encouraging me to consume A with less food. I did that, but boo ho, my weight increased up to 7 kilos.

And now, I'm considered overweight :(

Sad, truly sad

Lesson to be learnt: Before you start any dieting program, check your meal intake first. You'll realise how little amount you ate before you consume A strictly.

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