Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dear Diary,
Tomorrow I will be leaving for Bangkok for a break from my daily routines, which includes nagging to my husband and kids teehee, plus attending Herbalife Extravaganza Asia 2008. The event is a two-day training actually, but I gave myself 2 additional days for ahem, women's favorite activity of all time: SHOPPING.

I just hope that I can refrain myself from eating too much. From a food-lover-who-is-currently-in-a-pursuit-to-lose-weight's perspective, it's a good thing actually to go on a holiday at a place where muslim food is quite adventurous to get, not to mention the language barrier. But I heard Thailand is a fruit heaven, so hopefully I can stay true to my "chickens are friends, not food. Instead, eat fruit!"


I need to pen off now, since I have to wake up VERY early in the morning to catch up my 9.00 p.m. flight. Wish me luck ya! [More on the shopping part, actually hehehe]

Monday, July 21, 2008

Dear Diary,
Here goes some of the evidences of what happened last Friday:

Fattytini caught in action with her first helping.

Again caught in action with a full plate of her second helping. She tried to look as if she was shocked at her forgetfulness of her current pursuit to lose weight.

Then she tried to fool us with a sombre face AFTER she had finished up a big slice of Chocolate Indulgence from Secret Recipe.

Oh god! She's not finished yet? Caught in action sneaking out a box of large Hawaiian Pizza from Domino's.

Oh, and her intention to wake up early the next morning and have a 30-minute hip hop dance session with Berty? That doesn't happen.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Dear Diary,
Guilt creeping in. I ate a lot during get together party at office today. Ngee. If there's anything I can't resist, it's FREE BUFFET SPREAD WITH AN ARRAY OF YUMMYLICIOUS DESSERTS.

Roti Jala.
Chicken Curry.
Secret Recipe's Chocolate Indulgence.
Moist Chocolate Cake.
Chocolate Walnut Cake.
Pepperoni and cheese pizza from Domino's.

I wonder how much calories all that amount to :turns green:

Luckily I managed to steer away from Laksa Johor, which contains a lot of coconut milk. A big no-no for dieters :-)

I better wake up early tomorrow morning for a 30-minute hip hop aerobic session with Berty. Well, very early before my son wakes up and demands for his television set :-p

Something to share on the subject. Yet another excerpt of Weight Loss Cooking For Health by Fiona Hunter.


Don't feel that one bad day will ruin the entire diet - it won't. Life is full of ups and downs - so, if you've had a bad day, be extra strict with yourself the next day. Nobody should have to stick to a strict diet on high days and holidays. Instead, if you know you've got a special event coming up soon, be extra careful for a couple of days or so beforehand.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Progress card

Dear Fattytini...

Herewith I am going to report my progress

Weight = 50.2 kg
Body Fat Range = 31.2% (Obese)
% Body Water Range = 50.4 %
Muscle Mass = 32.7 kg
Physique Rating = 4 (Under exercised)
BMR = 1058
Basal metabolic age = 32
Bone mass = 1.9 (should be 2.4 kg for 50-75 kg)
Visceral Fat = 4 (excellent)

Total achievement:
Lose weight = 2.5 kg
Lose % body fat = 2.6 %
Increase % body water = 2 %
Increase muscle mass = - 0.2 kg
Physique rating = -1
Lose basal metabolic age = 6 years

Yup, yup.. I know.. even though I lost weight, my muscle mass and my physique rating dropped. This week;

  1. I have been reconnecting with my old friends
  2. Eating junk foods (chocolates, yummy.. and chips)
  3. Celebrate my husband's birthday yesterday with chocolate indulgence cake from Secret Recipe!

I should work harder.. HAIYAAAA

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Dear Diary,
As of 7.30 a.m. today, I weigh 73.7 kg, making a total loss of 6.5 kg. I was elated, until just now, as my dear second half commented that my back is still huge and toing-toing as ever.


OK, I'm depressed.

The Energy Balance Equation

There is no mystery as to why we gain weight - it's a simple equation. We gain weight when the energy (calories) we consume exceeds the energy we use. In this situation, excess energy is stored on the body as fat. Eating just a small amount in excess of your needs will result in a slow but steady weight gain. Thus eating just 100 calories a day more than you need - the equivalent of 1 and a half digestive biscuits - will result in a weight gain of 4.7 kg/10 lb in a year.

To lose weight, you simply need to tip the balance so you use more calories than you consume, and your body will draw on fat reserves to provide the energy it needs. You can do this by restricting the number of calories you eat or by increasing the amount of calories you use, but without doubt the best way is a combination of diet and exercise.

Excerpt of Weight Loss Cooking For Health by Fiona Hunter

Monday, July 07, 2008

Herbalife products

Dear Fattytini,

Herewith I am pasting some info about Herbalife for our potential customers to know more about the products we are consuming right now

Formula 1 Nutritious Mixed Soy Powder

++ Menyediakan vitamin dan nutrien penting
++ Shake pengganti sajian lanjutan ini padat dengan protein dan nutrien penting.
++ Mengandungi 19 vitamin dan mineral.
++ 9 gram protein soya dan 18 gram bila dicampurkan dengan susu atau susu soya setiap hidangan campur serat untuk menolong anda berasa kenyang dan puas.
++ Boleh membantu anda menghilangkan, menambahkan atau mengekalkan berat badan.
++ Mempunyai lima perisa (French Vanilla, Dutch Chocolate, Strawberry, Tropical Fruit, Cappuccino)

Formula 3 Blended Soy & Whey Protein Powder

++ Suplemen Protein menolong menghalang rasa lapar.
++ Suplemen protein tanpa lemak yang mudah dibawa ke mana-mana untuk mengawal rasa lapar dan pengurusan berat badan yang menyihatkan.
++ Campuran soya dan protein proprietari
++ Mudah dibancuhkan dalam shake, sup dan sos.
++ Menolong membina dan mengekalkan jisim tubuh tanpa lemak.

ShapeWorks Tea Mix

++ Untuk kebugaran dan pengurusan berat badan
++ Campuran teh segera kalori rendah yang enak ini membantu anda kekal bertenaga dan segar sambil anda menguruskan berat badan anda.
++ Mengandungi antioksida dan teh hijau termogenik
++ Boleh dinikmati panas atau sejuk

Friday, July 04, 2008


Dear Fattytini,

When your twin told you that your tummy looks lesser buncit, doesn't it make you happy?

Padanlah kena gulung 2 kali kat pinggang skirt aku :P

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