Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dear Diary,

I was getting all excited to resume my diet, thanks to Kak Ida, that I went for shopping spree last night to stock on Anlene Natural Yogurt and Anlene Concentrate to ensure that I have enough calcium for the day. Yes, I'm on Calcium Diet, people! I can foresee myself enjoying this diet because I so love milk and yogurt. Yummy.

And you know what's even yummier for supper? A bowl of diced fresh mango and a cup of plain yogurt. Yum yum to the power of ten. Love it, till I lick the spoon [and I have to refrain myself from licking the bowl]

Kak Ida's story of her transformation from XXXL to XL really inspired me. Hah! I thought I should be her role model, instead she's the one inspiring me. Now, that's the beauty of having gang of dieters, we are not alone in fighting the battle and we have each other to hang on, to have moral support, to motivate. To read her story, click here:

From XXXL to XL: Part I
From XXXL to XL: Part II
From XXXL to XL: Part III
From XXXL to XL: Part IV
From XXXL to XL: Part V

Credit should be given to her for her determination, and her husband for his exceptional support. Am thinking of giving them something, to keep the motivation going. Maybe, she will be L next? :wink:

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Dear Diary,
Uh-oh :guilty grin:

OK OK I know I have been bad, you have not heard from me since like, three months ago? but it is not entirely my fault :excuses excuses: It was year end, bad time of the year you know, when everybody 'finally' knocked into their senses and said oh we are so not going to achieve our target this year and could you fattytini please do something about it so that my performance will not go red? And they sent me locked up in hotels to ensure that I really do my work and use my brain to its highest potential, as if I couldn't do my work or my brain couldn't compute as efficient if I were to work from office, or even better, home.

Oh? Hotels? Yeah. They sent me from one to another. Place abundant of food. Great food you know. And, especially dessert. 6 feeds a day. Sinful yes? but irresistable.

I wonder how do they get the budget, especially when we have major issue with achieving target. But this is a weight journal, so lets not dwell into economics here.

Talking about target, ngee, I too failed in that department. I was supposed to weigh 70 kgs by next Tuesday tsk tsk. Boohoo I just look at the scale just now and it read 75 kgs tsk tsk. No way I'm going to lose 5 kgs in two days, even if I went hunger strike.

But that's OK. Nobody says it will be going to be easy. Losing weight is like, a battle. It takes a lot of effort, patience, perseverence. It is a loooonnnggg process and can be dissappointing. So, be happy even if you lose 5 kgs. That is still a big achievement, because just last week I walked into someone's office, and people commented how different and better I look :-D

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