Friday, February 24, 2012

My Fitness Pal

Dear Fattytini,

I am sorry that I ditched you like months away... I have been so busy piling up my weight that I was so afraid to update my progress.

Suddenly, I found out quite a few of my friends are using MFP, which I have nearly not update since a year ago. And when I started using it, I think I am much better in controlling what I eat, and know what is the calorie count.

Once a week, I do veer way off the calorie intake per day, but it is maybe toward rewarding myself since I have been diligently following the calorie count for the previous 6 days.

And now, I am starting to lose weight again. It is just it plateaued at certain point, that I am giving up at first. Now, I am starting to watch what I eat, and I feel that reaching my 30s, the metabolisme has been quite slow for me.

Better start dieting now, rather than later. I wish I do not pile on the weight when I will be entering my 40s! *horror*

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