Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Confinement Food 2 in 1

This is my most favorite food during confinement. Great for dieting too. Porridge.

Since I'm trying to reduce my intake of chicken, which is very very hard as I live to eat chicken, I asked my husband to buy fish rather than chicken. So whenever I look for raw food in my fridge, I'll find fish instead of chicken and give me no other option but to eat fish.

And cooking porridge is so easy peasy. You don't need me to write the recipe here. But I'm writing it anyway :-)

1. Rinse rice with water and boil with 1:4 rice/water ratio.
2. Throw in blended/chopped onion, garlic. It is better to slice ginger instead of blend. (You may also tumis the blended ingredient, but it is better not to as we need not add more oil in our food peeps!)
3. When the porridge is boiling, throw in any vegetable that you like such as carrot, potatoes, the hard part of leafy vegetables, baby corn etc. Throw in chicken/fish/prawn of your preference.
4. For leafy vegetables and mushroom, wait until the porridge is nearly cooked.
5. Salt and pepper for taste, and you're done!

Bon appetite.

Friday, October 16, 2009


I think I deserve an applause because I am no longer a veggie hater. My long stay at hospital as a rooming in mother for my jaundiced daughter, also as a women in confinement after her labor, made me realise that I should eat rabbit food. In the beginning, I ate whatever food served because

no. 1 free food shouldn't go wasted,
no. 2 I need the fibre to help me poop easily (all confinement mama know how nasty it can be if you don't).

As I closed my eyes and forced the food into my mouth, it turned out that rabbit food is not that bad actually. The hospital chef prepared mean, delicious rabbit food, and turned me into a lover. Thank you chef! I am going to love you for the rest of my life, whoever you are. Muah!

Now I took at least two servings of vegetables, during my lunch and dinner. And sometimes at breakfast, whenever I cook fried rice, I'll put lots of veggie. Boy, it made my son freaked out!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Post Pregnancy.

The thing about getting yourself thinner is that, your husband will get you pregnant when you are so close to your target weight. So typical of men. And when you're pregnant, you have all the reasons to eat as much food as possible and justify yourself. So typical of pregnant women.

But thank God for such beautiful baby :-)

So here I am, 30+ days after birth, and still have a looooonnnngggg way to go to get my pre pregnancy figure. And yesterday, I got an earful from Aini about my sugar intake. While boasting about her weighing herself in the morning and the scale shows good result, yay Aini. Oh how depressing!

Aini, I'll bring the dress on our next outing ya! :wink:

I spent about 10 mins this morning doing some workouts and sit ups. Yeah not much, but still, I'm just starting y'ols. For lunch, I made myself fish porridge with lesser rice and lots of carrots, potatoes, cauliflowers, without a single drop of oil.

I think I'll have an apple for tea.

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