Monday, October 18, 2010


Truly unbelievable. Last Thursday, I weighed 74.4 kgs. And 4 days later, I weighed 73.6 kgs. I couldn't believe my eyes. It seems so effortless :-)

This time around, I told myself to go easy. Just take simple steps yet persistent. That way, I won't give up too easily.

I remembered that I bought a lot of aerobic VCDs, trying so hard to follow the routine. But after a few days, I gave up. It's frustrating to see all those slim people move to the dance beat so beautifully while I struggled to understand the steps. And, even more frustrating that they can keep their all-american smile while I huffed and puffed after a mere 5 minutes. So the VCDs ended up in the dustbin.

Now, I keep it simple. I search nice dance beat over youtube, and just dance. Freestyle. There's no worry of dance routine whatnots. Just me and my move. Joget lambak in remix :-p

This is one of my favorite. Enjoys! ^V^

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Back To The Game.

Last time I wrote, it was 20 Occtober 2009. Heh! I ditched you for almost a year eh? But don't you worry, diary. Now I'm back to the game. Bring it on, baby! ^V^

It is amazing though that I'm able to maintain my pre-pregnancy figure. The weight scale says, hey tini, your current weight is 74.4 kgs. Not bad eh? Considering I used to weigh 80+ kgs back then. I initially thought that I'll be back to square one, but true to what they say, change your habit, change your lifestyle, and you'll presevere.

As of now, I'm all pumped up to lose more kgs and inches! I can be healthier, feel younger and fit for life. So do you. Fat fighters, are you ready and up to it?

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