Thursday, May 29, 2008


Dear Fattytini.

I need serious HELP! My weight keep on increasing

I now stands at 57 kg (a record breaker for me!)

Now, in desperate mode...

Religiously drinks HL, but still keep on increasing?


Sunday, May 25, 2008


Dear Diary,
Teehee. Unbelievable.

I ignored Herbalife Shake for the past one week plus, yet my weight still maintain its status quo.

However, I better take my Herbalife Shake more religiously, if I want to achieve my target of 75 kg by 31 May 2008, which is like, 6 more days to go :turns green:

Takpe. I can do it! And, so can you :-)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Dear Diary,
Health is simply, a parcel of our life that is easily taken into granted. Thinking that we are healthy, we give little thought to our physical well-being. We ignore the increasing weight because so long as we don't fall sick, we're healthy. Some even consider the growing tummy as a symbol of happiness and wealth.

Until we are forced to confront the idea of our mortality that we shocked into action. Like, for an example, when an apparently healthy friend of our own age suddenly drops dead. Or, when the family doctor diagnose us with diabetes or an ailing heart. We may swear to cut down on rich foods, or promise to exercise more.

It may have been too late by then. Acting from fear is clearly no way of running a healthy life. It is not simply a matter of prevention being better than cure. A cure may not be possible at all if a body has been misused over too long a period.

For this reason, put a little more effort on our health now. We can start by losing those excessive fat as obesity in itself is a disease, and overweight come close :-)

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Yipeee... a few people already told me I look slim!

Anyway, I just got to know about the facts that I can consume the shake at night since I still breastfeed Fahri. I will woke up at midnight and feel hungry at night.

The yardstick is to consume the shake 2 hours before or after I eat.

I am dreading next week, when I will be going to Indonesia. I hope I can stick to my diet plan.

Monday, May 19, 2008


Dear Diary,
Alhamdulillah :-)

I thought I had lost the track. Ummu Auni, you are not alone. Since Labor Day, my diet had become somewhat haywired. I've learned that once you break the routine, apparently, it is so hard to get back to the routine. Especially when you had so little determination and will power.

But I still consume my Herbalife Shake occassionally. Not as religious as before though.

I dread to step up the digital scale. But I did. And, yay! to me. I still see a ray of hope at the end of the tunnel.

My statistic today,

Weight = 76.1 kg
Body Fat Range = 38.7% (Obese)
Body Water Range = 44.9%
Muscle Mass = 43.7 kg
Physique Ratings = 3 (Solidly Built)
BMR = 1461
Basal Metabolic Age = 51 years
Bone Mass = 2.9
Visceral Fat = 7 (Healthy)

Total achievement,

Lose weight = 4.2 kg
Lose Body Fat = 4.6%
Increase Body Water = 3.4%
Increase Muscle Mass = 0.9 kg
Lose Metabolic Age = 3 years
Increase Bone Mass = 0.1
Lose Visceral Fat = 2

Even though I have been quite slow to shred the kilos, well I don't blame my diet plan, because I had so many toxin inside, no thanks to my eating fried chicken all my life teehee, I am quite happy with my achievement because my visceral fat is getting healthier and healthier :-)

Again, Alhamdulillah.

Friday, May 16, 2008


Dear Fattytini.

You know the 2 kilograms I lose? I gain it back...
My diet had been 'hi-hi bye-bye' due to certain unforeseen circumstances
Going back to 'kampung' to attend my SIL & her daughter's funerals
Those pakcik makcik would say, tambah lagi, tambah lagi when we're taking our lunch, dinner (anything associated with rice)
Seriously, I cannot refrain myself

And this week, I have one week course at Plaza Sentral
They have two nice vending machines with free flows of snack bars such as Snickers, Nips, Cheezels, Twisties etc, plus drinks (any drinks you can think of!)
Those vending machines are marked with these words 'ALL ITEMS ARE FREE'
I even rate them better than usual, due to those vending machines :p


Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Dear Diary,
Labor Day + Weekend. That's quite a long holiday. I wonder if the other two gang members stay true to their diet.



Went back Johore. Attending Bro's engagement. Mom threw some party. She cooked, and cooked. You know, Malay stuff. With coconut milk and those oily food high in cholesterol. A LOT OF CHICKEN involved. And, we had outdoor barbecue, complete with tents for kids to camp outside.

I dare not weigh myself :turns green:

Thursday, May 01, 2008


Dear Diary,
Teehee. See my big wide grin?

Yes diary, today my stats say that I am 2-year metabolic age younger. That's why I'm teehee-ing. How can I not be? I'm getting younger, people. Weehee. Woohoo!!

My full statistics as follows:
Weight = 77.0 kg
Body Fat Range = 39.0% (Obese)
Body Water Range = 44.6%
Muscle Mass = 44.0 kg
Physique Ratings = 3 (Solidly Built)
BMR = 1472
Basal Metabolic Age = 52 years
Bone Mass = 2.9
Visceral Fat = 8 (Healthy)

In total, my progress after 1 1/2 month as follows:
Lose weight = 3.3 kg
Lose Body Fat = 4.3%
Increase Body Water = 3.1%
Increase Muscle Mass = 1.2 kg
Lose Metabolic Age = 2 years
Increase Bone Mass = 0.1
Lose Visceral Fat = 1

Hopefully, by the end of May 2008, I'll be able to weigh 75 kg. I'm going to make that happen.

How about you? :-)

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