Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dear Diary,

I was getting all excited to resume my diet, thanks to Kak Ida, that I went for shopping spree last night to stock on Anlene Natural Yogurt and Anlene Concentrate to ensure that I have enough calcium for the day. Yes, I'm on Calcium Diet, people! I can foresee myself enjoying this diet because I so love milk and yogurt. Yummy.

And you know what's even yummier for supper? A bowl of diced fresh mango and a cup of plain yogurt. Yum yum to the power of ten. Love it, till I lick the spoon [and I have to refrain myself from licking the bowl]

Kak Ida's story of her transformation from XXXL to XL really inspired me. Hah! I thought I should be her role model, instead she's the one inspiring me. Now, that's the beauty of having gang of dieters, we are not alone in fighting the battle and we have each other to hang on, to have moral support, to motivate. To read her story, click here:

From XXXL to XL: Part I
From XXXL to XL: Part II
From XXXL to XL: Part III
From XXXL to XL: Part IV
From XXXL to XL: Part V

Credit should be given to her for her determination, and her husband for his exceptional support. Am thinking of giving them something, to keep the motivation going. Maybe, she will be L next? :wink:

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Dear Diary,
Uh-oh :guilty grin:

OK OK I know I have been bad, you have not heard from me since like, three months ago? but it is not entirely my fault :excuses excuses: It was year end, bad time of the year you know, when everybody 'finally' knocked into their senses and said oh we are so not going to achieve our target this year and could you fattytini please do something about it so that my performance will not go red? And they sent me locked up in hotels to ensure that I really do my work and use my brain to its highest potential, as if I couldn't do my work or my brain couldn't compute as efficient if I were to work from office, or even better, home.

Oh? Hotels? Yeah. They sent me from one to another. Place abundant of food. Great food you know. And, especially dessert. 6 feeds a day. Sinful yes? but irresistable.

I wonder how do they get the budget, especially when we have major issue with achieving target. But this is a weight journal, so lets not dwell into economics here.

Talking about target, ngee, I too failed in that department. I was supposed to weigh 70 kgs by next Tuesday tsk tsk. Boohoo I just look at the scale just now and it read 75 kgs tsk tsk. No way I'm going to lose 5 kgs in two days, even if I went hunger strike.

But that's OK. Nobody says it will be going to be easy. Losing weight is like, a battle. It takes a lot of effort, patience, perseverence. It is a loooonnnggg process and can be dissappointing. So, be happy even if you lose 5 kgs. That is still a big achievement, because just last week I walked into someone's office, and people commented how different and better I look :-D

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Long time no update

Dear Fattytini,

You may wonder what happened to us? We did take such a LONG BREAK during Ramadhan and Syawal this year..

As to date, my current weight stands at 49 kg.. I gained 1 kg back during Raya holiday.. hohohoh
I am now drinking Phytofiber and alternate Herbalife every other day :)

P/S: It is so hard to shed off another 5 kg after puasa. Makes me wonder why, hmmmm

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tips for Sahur.

1. Eat your food while its hot.
Motive? Easier digestion of food, and stimulates release of digestion enzymes.

2. Eat in considerable meal size.
Not too much, yet not too little. Sahur is as important as a breakfast; it should provide enough energy for the whole day. Try to take balanced nutrition, with sufficient protein to control sugar level in blood. Take your own sweet time, and eat slowly, because even though our brain is supposed to be "the super organ" and do all the thinking in such amazing way, apparently when it comes to thinking that you are already full and have eaten enough, they are not quite competent :-p

3. Eat vegetables & fruits.
Vegetables and fruits are, undoubtly, good source of vitamins and minerals, which are important to maintain body resistence and fitness. High in fibre, vegetables and fruits help your stomach feel full much longer. It is recommended to take vegetables and fruits high in Vitamin A, B, C and E.

4. Got milk?
Be reminded to complete your meal with a glass of milk, so that your body gets complete nutrition that it needs for a whole-day activities. Also, calcium and protein content in milk helps to reduce weight. Always look for low-fat milk whenever you do your shopping.

5. Ditch your cup of coffee.
Coffee is diuretic, which makes you want to wee wee more than often, and causes you to "lose water". Therefore, it is not recommended to have your hot cup of coffee for Sahur.

6. Reduce salt in your food.
It does make sense to say NO to salty food, as the move is beneficial to your general wellbeing, and most importantly, salt makes you feel thirsty. A big NO NO during fasting.

I love taking dates for Sahur. Or maybe a packet of high fibre low calorie vegetarian wheat biscuit. Another meal ideas for Sahur such as banana smoothie (yummy!), cereal with slices of dates or banana, or perhaps Wholemeal Tuna Sandwich. And, I always finish up my Sahur with a glass of hot milk. Very satisfying :-)

Monday, September 08, 2008


Dear Diary,
Alhamdulillah, all praises to Allah. For fasting is indeed the best solution to weight gain :-)

A day before the fasting month, my weight standing at 74 kg plus. Yes, I actually gain weight since my Bangkok trip for I have stopped my Herbalife regime, and ate a lot during a three-day balik kampung trip for my BIL wedding reception in Kelantan, and not to mention lots of good food during our house warming party just two days before Ramadhan :-)

Believe it or not, the results on my report card after 8 days of fasting as follows:

Weight = 71.7 kg
Body Fat Range = 36.6% (Obese)
Body Water Range = 46.4%
Muscle Mass = 42.6
Physique Ratings = 2 (Obese)
BMR = 1408
Basal Metabolic Age = 46
Bone Mass = 2.8
Visceral Fat = 7

So gang, let takes this opportunity to lose some weight, for a gorgeous you on the morning of Eid and be the talk of your kampung :lol:

If I can do it, so can you. The rule is so simple, just DON'T food binging during breaking fast!

p/s: I know! I promised you the tips for sahur and breaking fast. Insya Allah, coming up :-)

Friday, September 05, 2008


Dear Diary,
Alhamdulillah, all praises to Allah and Allah alone, for the holy month of Ramadhan is here again. It is the month of barakah, and we should grab the opportunity to doubled our ibadah.

Not only that, Ramadhan is also a good month for dieters like us :grin:

Last year, I managed to lose 3 kgs during the fasting month, but unfortunately for me though, I gained back the kilos in just 7 days of celebrating Eid. Sad, isn't it? I believe A WHOLE LOT of us have been there, done that :-p

Hopefully ya, gang of dieters, this year we will be even more determined to lose more weight during the fasting month, and MAINTAIN our going-to-be-slimmer figure.

I'm off for Subuh prayer now. Insya Allah, when I have the time, I'll share the tips for Sahur and breaking fast during the fasting month.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

My meal plan during Ramadhan

Dear Fattytini going to be Slimmertini,

Thank you for saying such a nice compliment last weekend! I feel that my stomach has improved a lot eventhough I gained back 2 kg during UAT last month (Bad me!). And for being depressed about it, you have to monitor my intake for lunch & dinner. For this, I am really grateful that you do not waver during my SMS outburst, where I got in panic mode when I gained my 2 kg!

Alhamdulilah, I shed off 1 kg back. And this one lady complimented me looking slimmer (I improved a lot at the stomach area) just this afternoon.

I have to take 3 meals as usual, since my baby still lactate with me.

Here is my meal plan during Ramadhan;

1. Drink 300 ml of plain water + Teamix
2. Drink 200 ml of plain water + F1 Cappucino
3. Eat 5 dates
4. Drink a glass of milk with one table spoon of honey
5. Drink 300 ml of plain water + Teamix + 2 tablets Nature's Biotic from Cosway

Breaking fast:
Take my meal as usual

In between breaking fast and beauty sleep:
Drink lots of plain water

10 p.m.:
1. Drink 300 ml of plain water
2. Eat 5 dates
3. Drink a glass of milk
4. Drink 300 ml of plain water + 2 tablets Nature's Biotic + 1 tablet Colo-Cleanse (also from Cosway)

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

My not so success story with A

Dear Fattytini,

Okay, I know that I'm being cynical. But how could I not be one when I spent hundreds and instead of losing weight, you gain some?

I'm depressed, and all these while, when I was consuming A, my peer group kept on encouraging me to consume A with less food. I did that, but boo ho, my weight increased up to 7 kilos.

And now, I'm considered overweight :(

Sad, truly sad

Lesson to be learnt: Before you start any dieting program, check your meal intake first. You'll realise how little amount you ate before you consume A strictly.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dear Diary,
Yes, I have long ago back from Bangkok. Maybe later I'll share with you about my trip, because its going to be a loooonnnggg entry :-)

As we all know, a good breakfast means a good day ahead. This morning, I made a little experiment with my breakfast meal.

Instead of the usual Nasi Lemak or Nasi Goreng, with a piece of fried chicken, yes people, these are what I ate whenever I didn't take my Herbalife Shake, I ate:

Egg Sandwich
A small carton of low fat milk

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, I started my meal by eating the starfruit. And, I found out that it is a good strategy to start the meal with fruits, because it fills you up. Then I munched the sandwich, slowly, to give ample time for the brain to think that I am already full. By the time I finished the sandwich, I was feeling full, and then I finished the meal by sipping the low fat milk.

Alhamdulillah, I found the meal very filling, even though at first, I thought no way I can survive until lunch. Its thirty minutes past noon, and I still standing strong, and no sound of gurgling in my stomach :-)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dear Diary,
Tomorrow I will be leaving for Bangkok for a break from my daily routines, which includes nagging to my husband and kids teehee, plus attending Herbalife Extravaganza Asia 2008. The event is a two-day training actually, but I gave myself 2 additional days for ahem, women's favorite activity of all time: SHOPPING.

I just hope that I can refrain myself from eating too much. From a food-lover-who-is-currently-in-a-pursuit-to-lose-weight's perspective, it's a good thing actually to go on a holiday at a place where muslim food is quite adventurous to get, not to mention the language barrier. But I heard Thailand is a fruit heaven, so hopefully I can stay true to my "chickens are friends, not food. Instead, eat fruit!"


I need to pen off now, since I have to wake up VERY early in the morning to catch up my 9.00 p.m. flight. Wish me luck ya! [More on the shopping part, actually hehehe]

Monday, July 21, 2008

Dear Diary,
Here goes some of the evidences of what happened last Friday:

Fattytini caught in action with her first helping.

Again caught in action with a full plate of her second helping. She tried to look as if she was shocked at her forgetfulness of her current pursuit to lose weight.

Then she tried to fool us with a sombre face AFTER she had finished up a big slice of Chocolate Indulgence from Secret Recipe.

Oh god! She's not finished yet? Caught in action sneaking out a box of large Hawaiian Pizza from Domino's.

Oh, and her intention to wake up early the next morning and have a 30-minute hip hop dance session with Berty? That doesn't happen.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Dear Diary,
Guilt creeping in. I ate a lot during get together party at office today. Ngee. If there's anything I can't resist, it's FREE BUFFET SPREAD WITH AN ARRAY OF YUMMYLICIOUS DESSERTS.

Roti Jala.
Chicken Curry.
Secret Recipe's Chocolate Indulgence.
Moist Chocolate Cake.
Chocolate Walnut Cake.
Pepperoni and cheese pizza from Domino's.

I wonder how much calories all that amount to :turns green:

Luckily I managed to steer away from Laksa Johor, which contains a lot of coconut milk. A big no-no for dieters :-)

I better wake up early tomorrow morning for a 30-minute hip hop aerobic session with Berty. Well, very early before my son wakes up and demands for his television set :-p

Something to share on the subject. Yet another excerpt of Weight Loss Cooking For Health by Fiona Hunter.


Don't feel that one bad day will ruin the entire diet - it won't. Life is full of ups and downs - so, if you've had a bad day, be extra strict with yourself the next day. Nobody should have to stick to a strict diet on high days and holidays. Instead, if you know you've got a special event coming up soon, be extra careful for a couple of days or so beforehand.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Progress card

Dear Fattytini...

Herewith I am going to report my progress

Weight = 50.2 kg
Body Fat Range = 31.2% (Obese)
% Body Water Range = 50.4 %
Muscle Mass = 32.7 kg
Physique Rating = 4 (Under exercised)
BMR = 1058
Basal metabolic age = 32
Bone mass = 1.9 (should be 2.4 kg for 50-75 kg)
Visceral Fat = 4 (excellent)

Total achievement:
Lose weight = 2.5 kg
Lose % body fat = 2.6 %
Increase % body water = 2 %
Increase muscle mass = - 0.2 kg
Physique rating = -1
Lose basal metabolic age = 6 years

Yup, yup.. I know.. even though I lost weight, my muscle mass and my physique rating dropped. This week;

  1. I have been reconnecting with my old friends
  2. Eating junk foods (chocolates, yummy.. and chips)
  3. Celebrate my husband's birthday yesterday with chocolate indulgence cake from Secret Recipe!

I should work harder.. HAIYAAAA

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Dear Diary,
As of 7.30 a.m. today, I weigh 73.7 kg, making a total loss of 6.5 kg. I was elated, until just now, as my dear second half commented that my back is still huge and toing-toing as ever.


OK, I'm depressed.

The Energy Balance Equation

There is no mystery as to why we gain weight - it's a simple equation. We gain weight when the energy (calories) we consume exceeds the energy we use. In this situation, excess energy is stored on the body as fat. Eating just a small amount in excess of your needs will result in a slow but steady weight gain. Thus eating just 100 calories a day more than you need - the equivalent of 1 and a half digestive biscuits - will result in a weight gain of 4.7 kg/10 lb in a year.

To lose weight, you simply need to tip the balance so you use more calories than you consume, and your body will draw on fat reserves to provide the energy it needs. You can do this by restricting the number of calories you eat or by increasing the amount of calories you use, but without doubt the best way is a combination of diet and exercise.

Excerpt of Weight Loss Cooking For Health by Fiona Hunter

Monday, July 07, 2008

Herbalife products

Dear Fattytini,

Herewith I am pasting some info about Herbalife for our potential customers to know more about the products we are consuming right now

Formula 1 Nutritious Mixed Soy Powder

++ Menyediakan vitamin dan nutrien penting
++ Shake pengganti sajian lanjutan ini padat dengan protein dan nutrien penting.
++ Mengandungi 19 vitamin dan mineral.
++ 9 gram protein soya dan 18 gram bila dicampurkan dengan susu atau susu soya setiap hidangan campur serat untuk menolong anda berasa kenyang dan puas.
++ Boleh membantu anda menghilangkan, menambahkan atau mengekalkan berat badan.
++ Mempunyai lima perisa (French Vanilla, Dutch Chocolate, Strawberry, Tropical Fruit, Cappuccino)

Formula 3 Blended Soy & Whey Protein Powder

++ Suplemen Protein menolong menghalang rasa lapar.
++ Suplemen protein tanpa lemak yang mudah dibawa ke mana-mana untuk mengawal rasa lapar dan pengurusan berat badan yang menyihatkan.
++ Campuran soya dan protein proprietari
++ Mudah dibancuhkan dalam shake, sup dan sos.
++ Menolong membina dan mengekalkan jisim tubuh tanpa lemak.

ShapeWorks Tea Mix

++ Untuk kebugaran dan pengurusan berat badan
++ Campuran teh segera kalori rendah yang enak ini membantu anda kekal bertenaga dan segar sambil anda menguruskan berat badan anda.
++ Mengandungi antioksida dan teh hijau termogenik
++ Boleh dinikmati panas atau sejuk

Friday, July 04, 2008


Dear Fattytini,

When your twin told you that your tummy looks lesser buncit, doesn't it make you happy?

Padanlah kena gulung 2 kali kat pinggang skirt aku :P

Monday, June 30, 2008

Diet.. diet

Dear Fattytini,

Since this is a weight management journal, I would suggest it should be open to non Herbalife user (example: Ummu Auni) to update her progress.


Insya Allah, all 3 of us would be healthy and beautiful by end of this year

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dear Diary,
Do you know that one gram of fat/oil contains a whopping 9 calories? That's more than TWICE the calories in carbohydrate or protein. Just imagine how much oil needed to deep fry those yummy-licious juicy finger-licking fried chicken, coated with flour.

So, if you have been counting calories, and yet not losing much weight, try counting fat/oil instead.

It is not difficult to do so. All you have to do is limiting the intake of anything fried from your meal plan. As a hardcore fried chicken lover, believe me on this, been there done that.

Alhamdulillah, making small changes in your eating habit does make a different. Hey, I've lost 6 kg, haven't I?

But of course, Herbalife make it even simplier :wink:

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Dear Diary,
Many of us would trade for a few extra minutes of sleep, or we may skip breakfast in the rush to get to work or send the kids to school. Or we would simply grab a cup of coffee and a sandwich, and call it a meal. But do we realise that we may be missing more than just breakfast when we do that?

Many studies have concluded the importance of breakfast, and health experts unanimously agree that breakfast is indeed the most important meal of the day, and a good nutritious breakfast is the foundation of long, healthy and vibrant life.

Eating nutrient-packed breakfasts is the secret to healthy living.


My report card showing some improvement :-D I have been ignoring my Herbalife Shake since I went back to Johore for BIL's wedding last Saturday, and had just started drinking it yesterday. Alhamdulillah, the increasing oil and food price, making me a stingy Mrs. Scrooge, and thanks to Aida's advice to keep on drinking Teamix if you don't take HL Shake, I have managed to control my weight :-p

Weight = 74.5 kg
Body Fat Range = 38.5% (Obese)
% Body Water Range = 45.0 %
Muscle Mass = 42.9 kg
Physique Rating = 3
BMR = 1432
Basal metabolic age = 51
Bone mass = 2.8
Visceral Fat = 7 (Good)

Total achievement:

Lose weight = 5.8 kg
Lose % body fat = 4.8 %
Increase % body water = 3.5 %
Lose basal metabolic age = 3 years

Need to shed more kilos for BIL's reception in Kelantan in August! Oh that reminds me, I need new clothes for the occasion :-p

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Dear Fattytini,

It has been such a long silence from me. I just came back from Indonesia last 2 weeks.
Talking about holiday, it was not easy to stick to your Herbalife plan when you have to think about the baggage.. errr, I totally ignored Herbalife (it just slipped out of my mind that I should bring the shake :P)

Anyway, I didn't forget about my Teamix. I brought those during the holiday and religiously consumed it daily.

The best part, I came back from the holiday and I check my weight. It was still the same as before I went for my Indonesia trip.

So remember girls, you should bring your Teamix when you went for your vacation. It was nice to consume it after overdosing on foods (aahh, glorious food) :P

Anyway, here is my update:

Weight = 51.0 kg
Body Fat Range = 31.3% (Obese)
% Body Water Range = 50.3 %
Muscle Mass = 33.1 kg
Physique Rating = 5 (Standard)
BMR = 1072
Basal metabolic age = 32
Bone mass = 1.9 (should be 2.4 kg for 50-75 kg)
Visceral Fat = 4 (excellent)

Total achievement:

Lose weight = 1.7 kg
Lose % body fat = 2.6 %
Increase % body water = 1.9 %
Increase muscle mass = 0.2 kg
Lose basal metabolic age = 6 years

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Dear Diary,
My apology for the long silence. I'm quite tight now. Anyway, just want to let you know that I have lost 5 kgs in total :-)

And, I'm really concerned with a friend who actually gained weight. Hope she's still motivated, and will not give up. Chaiyok chaiyok! You can do it!

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Dear Fattytini.

I need serious HELP! My weight keep on increasing

I now stands at 57 kg (a record breaker for me!)

Now, in desperate mode...

Religiously drinks HL, but still keep on increasing?


Sunday, May 25, 2008


Dear Diary,
Teehee. Unbelievable.

I ignored Herbalife Shake for the past one week plus, yet my weight still maintain its status quo.

However, I better take my Herbalife Shake more religiously, if I want to achieve my target of 75 kg by 31 May 2008, which is like, 6 more days to go :turns green:

Takpe. I can do it! And, so can you :-)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Dear Diary,
Health is simply, a parcel of our life that is easily taken into granted. Thinking that we are healthy, we give little thought to our physical well-being. We ignore the increasing weight because so long as we don't fall sick, we're healthy. Some even consider the growing tummy as a symbol of happiness and wealth.

Until we are forced to confront the idea of our mortality that we shocked into action. Like, for an example, when an apparently healthy friend of our own age suddenly drops dead. Or, when the family doctor diagnose us with diabetes or an ailing heart. We may swear to cut down on rich foods, or promise to exercise more.

It may have been too late by then. Acting from fear is clearly no way of running a healthy life. It is not simply a matter of prevention being better than cure. A cure may not be possible at all if a body has been misused over too long a period.

For this reason, put a little more effort on our health now. We can start by losing those excessive fat as obesity in itself is a disease, and overweight come close :-)

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Yipeee... a few people already told me I look slim!

Anyway, I just got to know about the facts that I can consume the shake at night since I still breastfeed Fahri. I will woke up at midnight and feel hungry at night.

The yardstick is to consume the shake 2 hours before or after I eat.

I am dreading next week, when I will be going to Indonesia. I hope I can stick to my diet plan.

Monday, May 19, 2008


Dear Diary,
Alhamdulillah :-)

I thought I had lost the track. Ummu Auni, you are not alone. Since Labor Day, my diet had become somewhat haywired. I've learned that once you break the routine, apparently, it is so hard to get back to the routine. Especially when you had so little determination and will power.

But I still consume my Herbalife Shake occassionally. Not as religious as before though.

I dread to step up the digital scale. But I did. And, yay! to me. I still see a ray of hope at the end of the tunnel.

My statistic today,

Weight = 76.1 kg
Body Fat Range = 38.7% (Obese)
Body Water Range = 44.9%
Muscle Mass = 43.7 kg
Physique Ratings = 3 (Solidly Built)
BMR = 1461
Basal Metabolic Age = 51 years
Bone Mass = 2.9
Visceral Fat = 7 (Healthy)

Total achievement,

Lose weight = 4.2 kg
Lose Body Fat = 4.6%
Increase Body Water = 3.4%
Increase Muscle Mass = 0.9 kg
Lose Metabolic Age = 3 years
Increase Bone Mass = 0.1
Lose Visceral Fat = 2

Even though I have been quite slow to shred the kilos, well I don't blame my diet plan, because I had so many toxin inside, no thanks to my eating fried chicken all my life teehee, I am quite happy with my achievement because my visceral fat is getting healthier and healthier :-)

Again, Alhamdulillah.

Friday, May 16, 2008


Dear Fattytini.

You know the 2 kilograms I lose? I gain it back...
My diet had been 'hi-hi bye-bye' due to certain unforeseen circumstances
Going back to 'kampung' to attend my SIL & her daughter's funerals
Those pakcik makcik would say, tambah lagi, tambah lagi when we're taking our lunch, dinner (anything associated with rice)
Seriously, I cannot refrain myself

And this week, I have one week course at Plaza Sentral
They have two nice vending machines with free flows of snack bars such as Snickers, Nips, Cheezels, Twisties etc, plus drinks (any drinks you can think of!)
Those vending machines are marked with these words 'ALL ITEMS ARE FREE'
I even rate them better than usual, due to those vending machines :p


Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Dear Diary,
Labor Day + Weekend. That's quite a long holiday. I wonder if the other two gang members stay true to their diet.



Went back Johore. Attending Bro's engagement. Mom threw some party. She cooked, and cooked. You know, Malay stuff. With coconut milk and those oily food high in cholesterol. A LOT OF CHICKEN involved. And, we had outdoor barbecue, complete with tents for kids to camp outside.

I dare not weigh myself :turns green:

Thursday, May 01, 2008


Dear Diary,
Teehee. See my big wide grin?

Yes diary, today my stats say that I am 2-year metabolic age younger. That's why I'm teehee-ing. How can I not be? I'm getting younger, people. Weehee. Woohoo!!

My full statistics as follows:
Weight = 77.0 kg
Body Fat Range = 39.0% (Obese)
Body Water Range = 44.6%
Muscle Mass = 44.0 kg
Physique Ratings = 3 (Solidly Built)
BMR = 1472
Basal Metabolic Age = 52 years
Bone Mass = 2.9
Visceral Fat = 8 (Healthy)

In total, my progress after 1 1/2 month as follows:
Lose weight = 3.3 kg
Lose Body Fat = 4.3%
Increase Body Water = 3.1%
Increase Muscle Mass = 1.2 kg
Lose Metabolic Age = 2 years
Increase Bone Mass = 0.1
Lose Visceral Fat = 1

Hopefully, by the end of May 2008, I'll be able to weigh 75 kg. I'm going to make that happen.

How about you? :-)

Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Dear Diary,
I would love to share the meal plan for Optimum results dieting with Herbalife:

First thing when you wake up in the morning: 1 tsp of Tea Mix + 1 mug of Hot Water
Breakfast: 3 scoops of F1 + 1 scoop of F3 + 400 ml Water
Right after the shake: 1 glass of Plain Water
In between meals: ½ - 1 tsp of Tea Mix + 400 ml Water

Drink A LOT of Plain Water

Lunch: As usual
In between meals: ½ - 1 tsp of Tea Mix + 400 ml Water

Drink A LOT of Plain Water

Dinner: 3 scoops of F1 + 1 scoop of F3 + 400 ml Water
Supper (if you are feeling too hungry): Hard boiled egg / Yogurt / Apple / Crackers (see the label) / Protein Bar


1) You need to drink a lot of water because F1 has a lot of fiber, and fiber used up a lot of water to burn the calories.

2) If you feel that your heart is burning, reduce intake of Tea Mix. This is because Tea Mix accelerates your metabolism rate, but accelerating metabolism too fast may not be suitable with your heart condition.

3) Due to the additional energy you’ll get with Tea Mix, do not drink your Tea Mix after dinner. You ended up staying awake on your bed. We need beauty sleep, people.

4) If you do not fancy the taste of your shake as per recommended above, you may put 200 ml of SoyMilk / Milk with 200 ml of Water. Make sure its low fat, low sugar, low calories. I do not recommend milk though, because milk is animal protein and contains saturated fat.

5) The general rule is that you can consume food only after 3 hours of Shake. But I do not want to be too rigid about it, because then you’ll give up too easily. I mean, that was what happened to us before eh? It’s OK to snack in between if you are feeling too hungry. Healthy snack please. Make sure the snack is not more than 150 calories

Insya Allah, we’ll be able to be healthy in six months. Looking beautiful and good is the bonus :-)

Monday, April 28, 2008


Dear Fattytini

Yes, I finally upgraded our template to XML!

Feel free to modify it, okay?


Dear Fattytini,

Isn't it nice to have group diet.. HOHOHO
I am much more motivated to diet hecause of you and Aini

Cheer up girls! You know you shouldn't whine about your weight, but isn't it good that we can whine about it with each other

(Err, my husband could not understand why I am on diet)

Tapi tabik spring la ada kakak kita tu bawa tea mix masa buat lunch treat last week :P

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Dear Fattytini,

After much nagging of Pn Fattytini, I finally had the chance to weigh myself on the digital healthy scale newly bought by her :)

Let me record this

Weight = 54.7 kg
Body Fat Range = 32.5% (Obese)
% Body Water Range = 49.4% (I should aim 50-55%)
Muscle Mass = 34.8
Physique Ratings = 5 (Standard)
BMR = 1130
Basal Metabollic Age = 36
Bone Mass = 2.1 (Should be 2.4 kg)
Visceral Fat = 4 (Excellent)

My husband's personal wellness card

Weight = 65.3 kg
Body Fat Range = 19.4% (Healthy)
% Body Water Range = 59.0%
Muscle Mass = 49.9
Physique Ratings = 5 (Standard)
BMR = 1469
Basal Metabollic Age = 28 (Adui, ni tak best ni!)
Bone Mass = 2.7 (Should be 3.29 kg)
Visceral Fat = 8 (Healthy)

I want to be beautiful & super gorgeous!

Come HL, lets do it!

Determination + HL = Gorgeous body (hopefully!)

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Dear Fattytini

You know the yummylicious Big Apple donuts?

The mouth watering ones

The soft fluffy ones...

I bought those and crumbled my resolution of not eating those

And I ate those chocolates ones :p. Argh!


Dear Diary,
A lot of people asked me, what's Basal Metabolic Rate? So I said, BMR simply is the calories that you need while you're sleeping. Then they asked me again, so what's the ideal BMR? Because the fact that we have ideal weight, ideal metabolic age, ideal visceral fat bla bla bla, people think we should have ideal BMR as well.

Well, I believe there is no such thing as ideal BMR. Why should we bother about BMR then? BMR tells you a different story than the other measurements. We need to know about our body BMR because BMR sets the minimum calorie intakes that you should consume in a day.

Let takes me as an example. My BMR is 1400+, so I need to eat food at a minimum of 1400+. If I don't take enough calories, then I'll lose lean muscle rather than body fat. Since body fat burns less calories than muscle, I ended up with more body fat stored in my body.

While it is true that to reduce weight you need to reduce calorie intakes, you can't be too rigid to yourself, going for crash diet thinking you're doing any good to yourself, because you don't. Crash diet is not healthy, will never work and make you even more fat and depressed.

Therefore, if I go for any diet plan, my calorie intake must at least 1400+ calories a day. Else, I'll just yo-yo-ing and that would be such a waste of time and energy.

In a nutshell, diet wisely.

Monday, April 21, 2008


Dear Diary,
Going to the night market is not a good idea while dieting. I ended up buying 4 pieces of barbecued chicken wing, which I gobbled in a split second upon reaching home. In fact, I couldn't refrain myself but to start attacking a piece of those yummy chicken wing in the car.

Oh to think that I ate 4 pieces of chocolate cake with creamy butter icing in the afternoon... and now chickens. So unthinkable!


Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Dear Fattytini,

Yes, what do you think? Do you think I lose weight when I was hospitalised?
Dang, you know that hospitals provide full set of breakfast, lunch, tea & dinner?
And I was anticipating every meal, since I think it's yummy-licious indeed [even though with green leafy and such]
They do have cream of mushroom soup, ikan bakar with asam (slurp*), ayam paprik, anything
The menu varies everyday, but you get to choose within four menus given
I don't think I can even remember when was the last time I had proper eating behaviour
Skip dinner - always!
I only snack with biscuits or such

Now, with HL, I'm trying to lose my weight, I should be determined!

My aunt told me something, some du'a to be read. The du'a is appropriate for someone who has serious illness, but I think for our quest to lose weight, we can try it

Panduan Menyembuhkan Penyakit

Ini pula panduan untuk menyembuhkan penyakit-penyakit seperti penyakit jantung, kencing manis, darah tinggi dll..

1. Baca doa sebelum makan :-
Bismillahilladzi at'a'mana wasaqana waja'a'lana muslimin. Maksud doa ini ialah : 'Dengan nama Allah yang memberi kami makan dan kami minum dan menjadikan kami orang Islam'.

2. Baca doa maathur yang berikut :-
Bismillahilladzi layadhurru ma'a'smihi syaiun fil ardhi wala fissama'i wahuassami'u'l a'lim. Maksud doa ini ialah :- 'Dengan nama Allah yang tiada memberi mudharat selagi bersama dengan namaNya segala sesuatu yang di bumi dan tidak yang di langit dan Dia Maha Mendengar lagi Maha Mengetahui'.

3. Baca doa berikut sebanyak 3 kali :-
Wayazidkum quwwatan ila quwwatikum wala tatawallau mujrimin (petikan ayat 52 surah Hud). Maksud ayat ini ialah :- 'Dan Dia menambahkan kekuatan kepada kekuatanmu dan janganlah kamu berpaling dengan berbuat dosa'.

Amalkan panduan ini setiap kali sebelum makan.

(Panduan ini diperolehi oleh anak sulong kami daripada salah seorang ustaz di tempat kerjanya, khas untuk ayahnya yang ada masalah jantung).

Yes, I recite the du'a everytime now, insya Allah, will try my best to be consistent, and will try my best to achieve ideal weight


Dear Diary,
I have good news, oh my little pink diary with pictures of cupcakes all over the place. Which is so NOT with the objective of your existence in the world. I mean, cupcakes on a weight management journal? Get real. Don't that make you want to eat more? Make me wonder if I should ditch you.

Hello? I'm the only thing that will keep you on track? It's not my fault that I have cupcakes everywhere because I have no say of how I shall look like, and even if I do have cupcakes, you should have more determination not to fall into temptation. I've knew it. This is so you. Put the blame on me and everything.

Oh whatever. You and your drama, so emotional. Back to me please because I'm the main character here?

You know that I have always love wearing jackets, because jackets make me look executive-y. Even though my brain may not think like an executive, but at least my fashion should say so. I have jackets of all colour, black, brown, beige, blue, and of many shapes. I even put my favorite long black jacket as the performance indicator to measure the successfulness of my pursuit.

But I have never been able to button the jackets. No thanks to my big butt, because they'll look like big round basketball; that will bounce happily when you dribble them on the ground; scramped tightly with a clothe. The visual is so unacceptable-y ugly that your eyes go blind. Give me no option but to unbutton the jacket all the time, which is not very neat, and make me look less executive-y.

This morning, I put on my brown jacket. As I stood there in front of the mirror, I tried to button, just in case you know. Then I was like, oh my god! look at that woman in the mirror. She button her jacket,and she doesn't look so bad. In fact, she looks great!

That woman stares back at me, smiling like an idiot.

Teeheehe. I love the new me.

Monday, April 14, 2008


Dear Fattytini,

I am writing this in case I forgot that I am on diet. I actually watched what I ate for a week and managed to lose 1 kg before you came and take my measurement.

So here goes;

Weight = 52.7 kg
Body Fat Range = 33.9% (Obese ok?)
% Body Water Range = 48.4 %
Muscle Mass = 32.9
Physique Rating = 5 (Standard)
BMR = 1076
Basal Metabolic Age = 38
Bone Mass = 1.9
Visceral Fat = 4 (Excellent)

By 31st December 2008, I want to weigh 43 kg

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Dear Diary,
My statistic today, after a month consuming Herbalife and changing eating habit:

Weight = 78.7 kg
Body Fat Range = 41.6% (Obese)
Body Water Range = 42.8%
Muscle Mass = 43.1
Physique Ratings = 3 (Solidly Built)
BMR = 1458
Basal Metabolic Age = 54
Bone Mass = 2.9
Visceral Fat = 8 (Healthy)
Well, maybe I have not lose that much kg, but I am not dissappointed because one, it is not healthy to lose weight too rapidly; two, it is really hard for short-circuited-woman-who-had-gone-through-two-labors to lose even a kg in a month; three, I am building up muscle :-)

Progress as follows:

Lose weight = 1.6 kg
Lose Body Fat = 1.7%
Increase Body Water = 1.3%
Increase Muscle Mass = 0.3 kg
Increase Bone Mass = 0.1
Lose Visceral Fat = 1
Weehee! My visceral fat reading, which is the bad bad fat surrounding vital organs such as heart, liver, kidneys, the one that make people get heart attack, diabetes etc and go capoot without any warning, has surpassed to being healthy. True, it's borderline to bad, but still :-D

My biggest achievement so far though, is that, my husband who is known for his stringent dresscode on his dear wife, had been agreeable to every dress-up since last Monday, and did not ask me to wear a jacket to cover my back anymore.


Thursday, April 10, 2008


Dear Diary,
As you may have notice, I've made some changes on you. Nothing much, just a splash of green to make you look a bit environmental-friendly.

Yup. That's Herbalife logo. I know you're a bit upset because you have always love Greenpeace, and therefore would prefer a Greenpeace sign but Herbalife is not bad you know. It too has a mission to save life.

Oh by the way, I am giving away Herbalife Shaker Cup and a bar of chocolate peanut Protein Bar (yummy!) for every purchase of Herbalife Starter Pack at RM346.00.

From left: Measuring spoon, Shaker Cup, Tea Mix, Formula 1, Chocolate Peanut Protein Bar, Formula 3

Herbalife Starter Pack contains Formula 1 (nutritiuous food that contains 55 nutrients and 18 asid amino), Formula 3 (soy & whey powder protein), Tea Mix 50g (refreshing drink) and a measuring scoop. Formula 1 comes with 5 flavors to choose - French Vanilla, Dutch Chocolate (my favorite!), Strawberry, Cappucino & Tropical Fruits.

It is all plant-based, so rest assured that Herbalife is Halalan Toyyiba. It is NOT a drug and everybody living under the sun (oh even babies in your tummy) can consume the product safe and sound, Insya Allah. It helps to assist:

People who wishes to reduce weight
People who wishes to gain weight
People who wants to look stunning for special occassion
People who wants a healthy body and illness-free
People who are concerns about kid's eating junkfood

My apology as I do not have ample time to write more about the product, but you can always check out Herbalife Website for more information.

Or, you can simply email me at fattytini@gmail.com, or pick up that phone and dial 0133424686 for more personal touch. No sexual harrassment please.

Monday, April 07, 2008


Dear Diary,
Know your enemy diet:
People at Work
Best friends
Most beloved

These are the people who are most likely to sabotage your diet. Like for example, my husband called me this afternoon to ask if I would like to go for lunch. As a good wife ehem, I said OK!, thinking that I have strong determination and wouldn't fall for temptation.

Hah! Strong determination my foot.

The minute my eyes set on the fried chicken coated with flour, deep fried in hot bubbling oil, full of cholesterol and saturated fat, I was like, oh damn that chicken. You look so tasty and all. I couldn't not have you. My leg went wobbley, and my determination graph went down to zero.

And then, there's always a party at office. Party this, party that. And during meetings, they served you with karipap, all the kuih muih with hidden agendas to make you fat without you knowing and teh tarik kow.

Oh dear. Why life have to be so complicated.

I am so going to take Herbalife for dinner tonight :-p

Saturday, April 05, 2008


Dear Diary,
Next in the equation, is to set a target. Just like any performance indicator, the target must be specific, measurable, realistic and attainable. If it is too optimistic, the probability of me, who is obviously lacking of self discipline and perseverence, getting frustrated and flopped midway is like, 100%. It's OK to start small, and keep on revising the target if it gets too easy to achieve. Furthermore, losing weight too fast is horrendous to your health.

On that note, this is my favorite jacket. The last time I can button the jacket was like, four years ago. It get stuck at my butt. Boohoo. So pathethic.

Anyway, this time I'm telling myself that by the end of June this year, I am going to wear that jacket, buttoned all the way. And, by the end of this year, I am going to lose 10 kg.

Wish me luck!

Monday, March 31, 2008


Dear Diary,
Lose-that-fat journal, checked. Food diary, checked. Now, the next step is knowing what's the reason I'm in this pursuit.

Case Study #1
One day, my husband came to me with a broad smile in his face, making me suspicious. Did he like, buy a new playstation or something.

"What with that smile?"
"I have a good proposition to make. I'm sure you're happy to hear it."
"What say you about going for slimming treatment at beauty center? I'll pay."
"OKKAY... You mean, I'm fat?"

He gave me his best politically apological look. You're forgiven, dear. Because other men would complain about their wives but refuse to cooperate whenever capital injection issues are brought up. You are definitely a rare species of them men.

Case Study #2
A group of people were chit-chatting in front of the office, and I joined them as a reminder of my existence in the world. One of them is a friend whom I haven't met for quite a long time.

"Hey friend."
"Eh?" He seemed bewildered and pointed to my tummy. "Oh god. You're pregnant again?"
"Oh yes. Only that I'm not pregnant with human baby but fat HA-HA."

Obviously, I have all reasons in the world to go on this pursuit :-p

Joke aside, I am in for my health, my self esteem, and most importantly MY FAMILY. If I want to take care of them, I have to take care of myself first.

I think I'll self actualize (I love this word! So drama) if I succeed in this pursuit to lose 10 kg by the end of 2008. I have already lose 1 kg, and all gear up to lose more!

Saturday, March 29, 2008


Dear Diary,
Simply changing from white bread to wholemeal bread, or mayonesse to plain yogurt, does make a different to your health and general wellbeing.

On this Saturday noon, I made myself and my brother, Adha, who is on the same pursuit with me (he doesn't want to eventually be super gorgeous woman though), a healthy lunch. I'd love to share the simple recipe to everyone.

Fattytini's Healthy Tuna Sandwich

Wholemeal Bread
Tuna in Water
Plain Yogurt
Cucumber (you veggie lovers could add more veggie such as salad & tomatoes)

It is as delicious as the usual tuna sandwich, with LESS CALORIES, LESS FAT, and high in fibre.


Friday, March 28, 2008


Dear Diary,
This is me today. Don't know why I look so happy what with peace sign and that broad smile when I have major weight issues.

Oh! Maybe because I manage to lose another half a kilo despite the korean buffet lunch and pizza party :-)

Anyway, I have something to share today.

The key towards permanent weight management is healthy diet and regular exercise.

Insya Allah (God's willing), a healthy diet helps us to live longer and remain healthier throughout our lives; helps protect against heart disease, cancer, diabetes and most importantly for me, OBESITY; increase our resistance to colds and other infections; boosts energy levels and helps us cope better with the stresses of modern living.

On its own, exercise is not a very efficient way of burning calories. But exercise does play an important role in dieting. If you exercise at the same time as dieting, more of the weight you lose will be fat rather than lean muscle tissue, as exercizing builds up more muscles, which are metabolically more active than fat. Exercise can also help to improve your body shape and tone.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Dear Diary,
We will be conducting a Permanent Weight Management Solution Program this coming Friday. I am in charge of designing the advert, and tada! the output after more or less 15 minutes playing with Microsoft Powerpoint.

Please feel free to join our program, and you can email me at fattytini@gmail.com for more information :-)


Dear Diary,
I used to wear size 18, and today, I am wearing size 16 woohoo! Most importantly, my tummy doesn't look bulgy ugly. However, I still need to wear a long jacket to cover my ever so huge butt :-p

Wait a minute.

Don't you think that maybe, just maybe, the manufacturer made a mistake in labelling the size? I seriously think so. I mean like, it is so unlikely I can fit into size 16 without guilt.

OK, I'm depressed.

Monday, March 24, 2008


Dear Diary,
I bought a digital scale last Friday. Not only it weigh you body weight, it can also provide information on the percentage of body fat and hydration level.

At my age, I am supposed to have only 20% fat, less is more. But the figure on the scale dissappoint huhuhu. I have like, 40%+++ fat, which is like, GLARING RED! A disaster!! Horrendous!!!

And the scale also told me, that I need to drink more water. I was like, hello?? I'm already drinking water like a camel, whaddaya mean I'm not drinking enough?

Yeah, truth hurts.

Oh by the way, after two weeks of changing my eating habit and consuming Herbalife, I've managed to lose 0.5 kg. Good news, finally :-)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Dear Diary,
Oh why oh why? Diary tell me why.

When I am determined to go on a diet, food is everywhere put afront my eyes. Like yesterday, I had to attend a presentation by a vendor for a new intersettlement system at Le Meridien, KL. At first, I was doing well because they only served cookies for breakfast, and thank god my cookies taste better than that, so I only took one bite. For tea break, roti jala and pau was served. Again, I persevered.

To my horror though, we were escorted to the hotel's restaurant for a buffet lunch. I watched in disbelief on the array of food they set on the serving table. They have oyster, roasted lamb, barbecue, pastas, indian, chinese, penang, sushis, oh you name it. There are even chocolate fountains for you to dip with strawberries, marshmallows and cakes ala Datuk Siti. Dessert? Oh god. That is my weakest point. I took a plateful of cheesecake, pies, puddings, cakes and more cakes. Four flavours of ice cream are available, and you can top that with lots of assorted nuts, chocolate chips, marshmallows etc, placed in a rack mounted on a wall.

How can I not lose this battle? :-p

And today, office is having a farewell party for some of our colleagues who transferred to another unit, as well as for Hafiz (my cheeky 23-year old staff) to further his study in Japan.

Oh well.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Dear Diary,
It really is tough for a chaotic and unorganized woman i.e. me to jot down every details of my food intake. I mean like, I don't even jot down the details of my meeting, and people have to call to remind me to go the meeting, which has started like 15 minutes? whatmore trivia matters like how much chicken I ate in a day.

But what choice do I have? My clock is ticking. Real fast. If I don't eliminate all those BAD BAD BAD fat that currently residing happily like nobody's business in my body, I need to change my whole wardrobe! I mean, that bad OK?

Every morning is a frantic search of,"OK what shall I wear today?" and it really is disappointing to found out that my 8-feet built-in wardrobe and two cupboards do not contain an acceptable number of clothes [read: without being asked, haven't you wear this last Monday? which is politically unwelcomed question from a woman to another woman] that I can comfortably wear, and without showing the bulges in my stomach and butt. Depressing.

Since I refuse to unnecessarily spend more money on clothes (plus the fact that the fashion industry is not in favor of REAL people), I think the only option available is to lose weight. And to have all my meal jotted down is one step towards achieving that goal.

I was made to understand that keeping a journal assist in weight management. Especially for people with lack of discipline, as it instill a sense of responbility to keep on updating and keep you on track of your ultimate objective. A journal also helps to evaluate your diet plan and lifestyle, provide insights of what have went wrong, what's best for you, and improve your plan along the way.

Let's see if that tip holds any weight :-)

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Dear Diary,
While the real world tends to be cruel to societally-perceived ugly people like me, the Internet begs to differ, or at least she tried to be.

Not only can we get support from other horizontally-challenged women from all walks of life all over the world, as well as give our support to others in return, and get a lot of information on weight management on the tip of a finger, the Internet also provides tools to assist in tackling weight issues.

I, for an instance, is currently using Google Calendar to write down my daily meal.

In the nutshell, I love the Internet. Well, who doesn't?

Friday, March 14, 2008


Dear Diary,
I have sinned.

Yesterday was one of those days when you want to yell,"I just don't give a damn anymore!" And whenever Your Royal Highness gets into that situation, she sees a vision of big, fat double cheese burger dancing in front of her eyes.

p/s: The vision I saw did not have green veggies, onion and tomatoes in it :-p

At first, I tried to persevere. I missed dinner at 6, because I was tapping the keyboard and staring at the computer screen so hard, and drained my brain to the max. When I was finally allowed to breathe, it was already 9. So, I've decided not to take dinner and tried to cheat hunger by snacking on few crackers.

I learned that night though, cheating hunger is not a simple thing to do. My stomach groaned. My brain refused to cooperate. My body resisted the sleep that I truly need at that moment to take my mind off from thinking about food.

Even though I had hoped that the ending of this story would say,"And she lives happily ever after", it is not bound to be. Tsk. I'm so sorry, my dear fried, for I have sinned. I ate a whole plate of rice and fried fish few minutes before midnight.


This is so like Fattytini.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Dear Fattytini,

Should I whine about my weight?

OF COURSE since the 2 girls inside this blog already wrote about their weight gain!

Excuse me, can breastfeeding be used as an excuse of MY weight gain?

Tsk tsk



Dear Fattytini.

Still remember what I wrote here? HAHAHA, it's funny really, quite cynical, perhaps!
I gain another kilo.

I still use the elevator

I still take heavy breakfast

Yes, I hit the Gym, but my weight is still increasing

I need SERIOUS help here


Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Dear Diary,

Forgive me, but I can't help rolling on the floor laughing. I mean, you sound so genuine and sincere. You asked,

"How was it since the last time we met? Did you achieve your goal? 65 kg by 1 January 2008?"

that I burst into laughter.

I laughed, and laughed, and laughed, till I cried.

Yes, my dear friend, not only I failed to achieve my target, the fact is that, I gained another 10. I mean, like, isn't that a horrostic thing to happen? to a young, full of potential women, like me? Super duper horror.

What?!!! Whateva happened to your action plan bla bla bla? Didn't you follow all that? What is wrong with you, Tini? No wonder you have always been fat.

Yeah yeah. Stop being a nag. I have enough self-guilt. Obviously, my lack of self discipline and perseverence is to be blamed no less.

I pledge to you, my dear diary, to take charge of my life, and take on that Herbalife challenge. I want to be beautiful, and I am going to be.

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